The culture at BioLuminate is beginning to take shape. You have an opportunity to join at an early stage, and help us mold a successful company that others will look to as a model for the industry.

The Mission

  • End unnecessary breast surgeries
  • Find the cancers that are often missed
  • Deliver therapy
  • Track progress
  • Instant results-immediate treatment
  • Expand into other cancers

High Integrity

Keeping promises, meeting deadlines, being honest and functioning consistently within the company's values.

Cooperation and Teamwork

Accepting personal responsibility and supporting others in doing so. Understanding that the purpose of the team is to leverage the power of each contributor.

Innovation and Resourcefulness

Questioning the status quo and breaking new ground as a creative and innovative participant. Empowering individuals to find the best solutions and manage their individual contributions.

Personal Effectiveness

Setting a strong example by working towards goals with a passion. Never give up and never quit, even in the face of sometimes daunting tasks.

Company Climate

Establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust and support. Respect others as valuable participants regardless of position, race, creed, gender, religion, or sexual preference. Nurture trust, because this is the foundation from which all other attributes must grow. Have fun as we progress through our exciting adventure, for this is the trait that will help us through the difficult hurdles.

Respecting Our Market

Our technology has the power to make a significant contribution in the detection and treatment of cancer. With this power comes a compassionate respect for the individuals that will use and benefit from our work and dedication.


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